In the Business of Helping Business
In the Business of Helping Business - RB-Books of Grand Blanc, Michigan

Standing between a tall stack of books and a purring kitten, Marty and I said a quick ‘hello’ to Beth at R&B Used Books. She had been on the fence about us, but hearing testimonials from other clients really sparked her curiosity. “In the business of helping business,” she decided to take that chance on us that day.

We wasted no time in getting to work on her online presence. Within a day, we finished all the tasks she knew she had to complete, those details she had to keep procrastinating to take care of the storefront. Flooding her Google and Yelp accounts with pictures, creating her Twitter and Instagram accounts, we neglected no corner of her Internet visibility. Beth now has more time to organize books and make her store even more inviting to her guests.

In the same week, another business owner took that same chance. Rhonda at Hot Dog Stand has big plans for her social media presence, but running a popular food joint doesn’t give you a lot of free time to spend on the Internet. And even if some time freed up, I’m sure she could think of a couple other hobbies or errands she’d like to accomplish.

48 Hours as a Team was all we Needed

48Hours-SnapchatGeoFilters48 hours: As a team, that’s the amount of time we needed to claim respective listings, create new social media accounts, take pictures, create videos, and even get a Snapchat geofilter up and running! It was a whirlwind of activities and material to get ready. It felt so rewarding to see these two excited about their brands getting noticed. I loved how willing they were to hand the responsibility over, but that both chose to stay involved. We have worked ardently to achieve everything they’re expecting of us. And we have no intention of stopping there! Using a variety of tools, the Cherish Local team monitors all accounts daily and creates fresh material to keep the audiences engaged.

These beloved businesses already had good reputations in Grand Blanc, so people couldn’t contain themselves when they saw these two more active online. Positive reviews, comments, and likes quickly started taking over the Facebook pages. If the local businesses are thriving, the community is thriving! Cherish Local is ultimately nurturing these brands online so that they stay in mind. As a society, we spend a lot of time scrolling through our feeds. A picture within these feeds often provokes a “Hey, I want…” or “Oh, I need to…” Keeping an updated and positive online presence keeps the brand first in mind.


If the Local Businesses are Thriving, the Community is Thriving!

Meanwhile, we are doing the same for other accounts around the country, including a grocery store in Minnesota, a real estate office in Illinois, and various others across Michigan. Our team leaves no rock unturned – or no business unclaimed as it were — and growing success for each business is our goal.

You know your business, and you know it well! Why not let us take care of your digital marketing, so you can focus on the aspects of the business that you love? If you give us that first month, imagine what we can achieve in two months or even a year.



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Cherish Local is a Grand Blanc, Michigan based business dedicated to covering the positive events in this area while providing meaningful online marketing strategies to grow local businesses. Since 2016, Cherish Local has successfully assisted local companies in this area with their white-glove Google My Business, Social Media Creation & Management, Reputation & Review Services. If your business is not ranking well on Google, Cherish Local can help. They will assist you in dominating your competitors with customized, exclusive, digital marketing programs.



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