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We are thrilled to be entering our 5th year providing positive coverage for the Grand Blanc community. Covering Grand Blanc Athletics began in 2017 when Kevin Gordon, the owner of Cottage Inn of Grand Blanc arranged a meeting with Grand Blanc Athletic Director, Jerrod Dohm. Jerrod was relatively new to his role and several new coaches were hired to begin a new chapter in Grand Blanc High Community Schools sports – the timing was perfect to lay a foundation. Cherish Grand Blanc was born shortly after that meeting. Here is one of our promo videos.

Over the years we have taken tens of thousands of photos and videos as we grew Cherish Grand Blanc’s social media channels by highlighting sports and other positive happenings in this great area. All of this work was provided Pro-Bono. Here are links to our social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, visit our video channels, YouTube, and Vimeo. This year we began a Flickr page which now has over 20,000 photos/videos that have been seen over 1,000,000 times! This would be much higher if the virus would not have stopped sports in March. If you haven’t seen our Flickr page yet please check it out here.

Knowing the attendance is going to be limited for the foreseeable future, we want to provide as much coverage as possible. In order to do this, we will need volunteers and/or interns. 2020 Grand Blanc Graduate, Daelyn Dalson, interned with us for 3 years and she did an amazing job. With Daelyn heading to college, we will need more help. Ideally, we would like Grand Blanc residents who want to help us in #SharingTheGood – lord knows we have enough negative news these days. We are looking for volunteers/interns who have any of the following skills or passions; photography, writing, WordPress Blog Writing, web design, graphic design, social media content creation, Local SEO, video creation, interview skills, and more. If you know of anyone who you feel would like to help us generate positive content for the Grand Blanc community please have them contact our owner, Marty Carry. The best way to reach Marty is via text message at 810.922.9956.

Our goal for the next several years is to gradually cover more sports and more events if we can build our team of volunteers. Many people have asked us over the years, how we make money? Our day job is helping companies like Cottage Inn of Grand Blanc with their online marketing needs. Our owner spent 25 years working for national media companies and has a passion for helping local businesses grow with digital marketing programs. Please keep this in mind when you see the businesses we are partnered with. If not for them Cherish Grand Blanc would not exist.

Included in this blog post are a promotional video and some of our best photos over the years. We are eager to capture fresh content in the coming weeks. Also happening soon is our annual Pro Football contest sponsored by Cottage Inn of Grand Blanc. This is a FREE local 21-week contest that allows the Grand Blanc community to play head to head with Community VIP’s. Our VIP’s will be unveiled in the coming days but rumor has it, Grand Blanc Township Police Chief, Ron Wiles, and Varsity Basketball Bobcat Coach Mike Thomas have agreed to play. Click here to register for the contest.

Together we can create a media company that spotlights positive events happening in our community. Our mission is a good one. This community is a great one. If you are a business owner who would like to grow your business with online marketing please contact Marty at The revenues secured from our day job help fuel our efforts at night. Please enjoy this gallery of some of our best photos over the years.

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