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Mobile Device Internet Users eMarketer 2018 Graphic

When's the last time you updated your website listing? If the answer is longer than the past few years, you’re missing out on the millions of people who’ve joined the online community. Since 2013 alone, there have been more than 63 million people who have shifted to mobile devices. Mobility and visibility is essential to success for any business wanting to compete in the current market. The percent of the population online has increased by almost 17% since 2013. This is an increase that isn’t expected to stop anytime soon. A business that manages their online presence is no longer one that’s ahead of the game, they’re just playing in it. How much time and revenue do you spend managing your online presence? If you aren’t sure, it’s possible that you aren’t paying enough attention to a vital part of your business. Almost 78% of the population is using mobile devices to search the internet. This is 78 percent of the population that could be flourishing your business.

Mobile internet users by generation eMarketer Graphic 2018

If you’re someone who believes online presence is only relevant for younger generations, there is a big wake-up call coming your way. Millennials *age 22 to 37* have the highest internet use, with only 3% of the generation not online. Generation X shadows behind with almost 94% of their population using the internet. However, baby boomers aren’t far behind. Almost 80% of those born as baby boomers are also online. The chart above shows how highly important digital media is. The online community is not only the future, it’s the present. Furthermore, those that fall within the older generations are more likely to have larger amounts of disposable income, thus it’s vital that a business recognizes their importance in online marketing. If your company is not online, or not visible on mobile devices, it’s essentially invisible to a majority of the population. Taking care of your online business is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. For many, their phone or laptop is the first and last thing they look at in their day. Thus, why not make your business the first and last thing people see? 



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