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Introducing: The Epoxy Guys

If you haven’t heard of Epoxy floors yet, you soon will! While Epoxy floors have been all the rage in warmer climates like Florida, California and Arizona they are just starting to take storm in Michigan.  Michiganders are now realizing that Epoxy is a beautiful, easy to maintain option for not only garages and basements, but main living spaces, bathrooms and even countertops.

Epoxy floors have been slow to take off in Michigan due to the weather and the usual one-week turnaround to get them done. So, when David Tougas began his own Epoxy business, The Epoxy Guys, he wanted to erase those obstacles and give this area something special!

He spent some time figuring out all the pitfalls and difficulties to installing this type of coating in order to discover creative solutions that are done well. Today, The Epoxy Guys specialize in polyaspartic coating and can complete most garage floors within 24 hours, virtually dust free with an end product that is clean and durable.

They feel that working to build relationships with their customers is equally as important as an impressive end result. The team you meet is the one that you’ll see on the job day in and day out.  Michelle Reno, who does sales and some marketing for Epoxy, says, “We want to make sure they feel comfortable with us taking on their job.” This also includes educating customers on every step of the process.

For a commercial, industrial, basement or garage floor there’s no better product. Get the floors you want from the professionals you need!






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