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We know our loved ones. Their favorite activities, where they’ve been, who they’ve been… Because of this closeness, we can feel it when something in them starts changing. Moments when they start forgetting more often, have difficulty keeping track of things, need help using things around the house, and become confused easily, stick out like a sore thumb; and as all these things are happening, you’re left wondering how to help. The onset of Alzheimer’s bears challenges for the person it’s affecting and everyone around them. Family members may come together to discuss their concerns, and they should. Leaning on one another leads to greater strength and better support for the afflicted loved one, but eventually it becomes important and necessary to seek outside help.

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There are many locations dedicated to caring for individuals suffering from memory diseases. When you’re home, worrying about your next steps to take with your loved one, remember that it is not unloving to seek help. You aren’t passing off a family member onto strangers. If you make the hard decision to take your loved one to Serenity, know that you are just extending your family. Serenity embraces its ladies and their families, helping everyone through the transition into assisted living more smoothly.Cherish Local works with one specifically in Oakland County, Michigan called Serenity Assisted Living. This location was founded with the goal of helping women suffering from cognitive impairments have a place to live where they are surrounded by professional caretakers dedicated to looking after their health wellness. Beyond that, they care that their ladies are able to have a routine still. Thanks to the comfortable, 10-bed size, Serenity caretakers are able to keep each of their residents involved in daily household activities and games, which are designed to be enjoyable and mentally stimulating. The word family members consistently use to describe the environment their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts reside in at Serenity is “loving.”

Below are a few kind words shared with us by the families of those we care for:

“I cannot say enough about the power of love in this house. Our mom had 5 transitions in 3 weeks, and these wonderful people all went out of their way to love her back to herself. Thank you to all the big hearts here. Jeanie's daughters” - Elizabeth G.

“My mother is very happy at Serenity. The loving care she receives is priceless. So blessed to have found serenity- I think of the staff as family.” - Cheryl P.







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